Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gear Resin Bracelets

How to make a resin bracelet with embedded gear:

1. Starting out with ArtResin (can be purchased at, mix a 1:1 ratio batch of about 8 oz for 2-3 bracelets, thouroughly mix for 3 minutes to make sure the resin and hardener are thoroughly combined.  Don't worry about the air bubbles for the moment.

2.  Pour the resin into a silicone ice cube mold (meant to make ice cubes to fit into water bottles), these molds can be found at the grocery store.  Make sure the mold is made out of silicone as the resin will not stick to the mold and can easily be demolded.

3.  Put gears of different sizes into the molds, setting them in gently in different configurations to fill the mold.  Gears of different sizes can be bought at any craft store such as Michaels.

4.  Using an artist torch or heat gun, carefully run the torch over the mold to remove any air bubbles from the surface.

5.  Allow the resin to cure in the mold for at least 24 hours before demolding.  After allowing the resin to fully cure for 72 hours, shape the bracelets with sand paper or a Dremel to remove material from the middle portion to mimic the contour of your wrist. 

6.  Using a power drill, drill a small hole in each side of the bracelet for attaching the band or cord that will be wrapped around the underside of the wrist when the bracelet is completed.

 7.  While suspending the bracelets on a string over a piece of parchment paper, add a final layer of clear resin to cover the areas that were sanded to make the bracelets transparent.

8.  Remove the bracelets from the suspended string once it has cured for at least 24 hours and attach a leather cord or band to each side of the bracelet.  Add a clasp on one side to make it easier to attach and remove from your wrist.  Now its complete!